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Gold mining, territory and conflict in Colombia: challenges and recommendations for the protection of human rights and the environment

The document presents the results of the mining activity carried out in Colombia with the participation of large mining companies such as Mineros S.A. and Gran Colombia Gold and the social conflicts associated with this activity. It addresses various issues and actors involved in the complex situation generated by mining activity, ranging from the regulatory framework and human rights, to the impact of mining activity on the peace process itself, the intention of large mining companies to expand gold exploitation to non-mining territories due to the increase in the granting of titles to large mining companies. Mining exploitation in the country is linked to a high level of conflict between large mining companies and small and medium gold producers, as well as ancestral miners, who are considered a factor that hinders the mining activity of large companies, as they are criminalized and even expelled from their territories, specific cases of which are documented in the text. Translated with (free version)